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Upstream Season Launch with Upstream Quartet

Photo by: Tom Donovan

Upstream Music Association Presents:

Upstream Season Launch with Upstream Quartet

Featuring; Dawn Hatfield, Andrew Miller, Geordie Haley and Lukas Pearse

WHEN: Sunday Sept. 27, 2020 at 8:00PM

WHERE: The Music Room at 6181 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax

TICKETS: On sale at Ticket Halifax and also available at the door. 
In person (Socially distanced audience limited to 40)

Adults $20, Seniors and Students $10.

All Upstream members receive $5.00 discount.

Our premiere Live streaming event: donations gratefully accepted.

Call 902-452-3461 to reserve or Email: info@upstreammusic.com

Reception to follow.


The Music Room COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Public Health and Building Measures

The Music Room building is a multi-use building which serves as the primary office space for Scotia Festival of Music, as well as the publicly accessible Music Room. The following guidelines pertain to movement through the building for audience members, renters, and all other visitors.

  • All visitors are required to provide their full name and phone number in our contact tracing log book

  • Designated entrance and exit doors for larger events to promote fully distanced 1-way traffic

  • Audience seating reduced to 25-35 to allow increased social distancing between audience members. Spacing between chairs can vary depending on rental format and audience bubbling

  • Audience members are advised not to arrive early so as to avoid unnecessary lineups or gathering

  • Maximum capacity in the building including all staff, personnel, performers, and audience, cannot exceed 50 persons at any given time

  • Hand and spray bottle sanitizers available at main building entrance, upstairs Green Room areas, and designated exit (if applicable)

  • All staff and personnel associated with a rental event are required to wear masks at all times inside the building

  • Swipe payment system installed at box office for minimal contact between staff and guests

  • Audience members are required to wear masks at all times inside the building

  • 3 washrooms available on ground floor with 1-2 person occupancy each (or "bubbled" occupants if applicable)

  • Chairs, high-contact surfaces, box office, kitchens, and bathrooms disinfected after each rental

  • Piano disinfected after each rental in which it was used

  • Deep-clean of public areas performed in ~7 days increments

  • Two Plexiglass barriers now installed at box office

    Performers and Renters

    The following guidelines pertain to movement throughout the building for performers and renters.

  • All people entering the building are required to self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms prior to entering. Those displaying symptoms are advised to contact 811 and may be refused entry to the building by TMR or event staff. For a full list of symptoms, please visit novascotia.ca/coronavirus/symptoms-and-testing/

  • Hand and spray sanitizers available at main building entrance and upstairs Green Room areas

  • Private washroom available on 3rd floor, sanitized following each applicable rental

  • Green room fridge, chairs, high-contact surfaces, and tables disinfected after each rental

  • Piano disinfected after each rental in which it was used

  • Additional practice room and office spaces available for multi-performer events to help maintain social distancing. Disinfected following each applicable rental

  • Following audio-video setup and checks, Music Room tech staff will operate from the sealed control room with minimal entry and exit into the performance space

  • Performers are allowed early access into The Music Room building, and do not enter The Music Room until the audience is seated

  • Performers leave TMR before audience and return to Green Room areas, then exit through designated door following audience

  • Sculpture Court opened as designated exit for larger events and to promote social distancing post-event

  • Extra distance between audience and performers can be accommodated for certain instrumentations requiring more distancing (i.e. 4

    metres for vocalists). Typically, this is achieved through a further reduction in audience seating

    COVID-19 Disclaimer:
    To maintain the health and safety of everyone who uses our building, The Music Room is only available for rentals which fully comply with currenty provincial health and safety guidelines including social distancing restrictions at the time of application. Visit novascotia.ca/CoronaVirus and scotiafestival.com/musicroom-rental for more information.