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Upstream at 30 - Sandy Moore's Time Capsule

"Upstream was a time of exploration, not only of finding new, exciting, and improvisational ways to compose for the group, but also of imagining and finding new ways to approach the instruments.

Personally, I am very grateful in many ways for the many creative opportunities and chances to write and perform with dynamic musicians and composers. Taking risks was both mind-bending and explosions of musical and personality dynamics. I am sure bringing an Irish harp and an accordion to the instrumental mix was a challenge for everyone including myself. But hey, I had fun thrashing around on the harp and doing accordion aerobics, testing these instruments alongside a chorus of reeds. 

As the years progressed and 4 concerts of original music a year were processed, there were many highlights: mainstreaming vising artists, including Aki Nakamura from Japan; collaborating with other musicians from the community; and the WOW of all, writing for and working with, Symphony Nova Scotia made possible by the efforts of the undaunted Barbara Richmond. For me, transitioning from a classical background to ‘new-new music’ was a life experience and at this time during the global pandemic, I wish everyone, previously and presently involved with Upstream, many heartfelt cheers and all the best."

Listen to Sandy Moore's Winds of Lyra