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Don't miss: MINT - Music in New Technologies Forum Nov. 15-18

November 15th to 18th - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Vocalypse Productions in association with the University of King’s College and Upstream Music Association presents MINT – Music in New Technologies Forum, November 15th to 18th, 2018.

This inaugural forum will focus on the following questions. How can advances in new technologies change the experience of making music (the musician’s perspective) and listening to music (the audience’s perspective)? What are the musical and performative implications and applications of the vast array of new technologies that are now emerging?

The main thrust of MINT will NOT be the presentation of academic papers. Rather, we will solicit presentations that include demonstrations, performances, audio/visual samples, and as much music making as possible.

MINT is accepting proposals for presentations and performances.  Click APPLY on the website!

posted 08/22/2018