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Breaking Circus Studio Presents: That Which Lights Your Way: Diffraction

It's the conclusion of the physics experiment as Breaking Circus brings you the final part of the Light Trilogy, That Which Lights Your Way: Diffraction. After examining your inner self in Reflection and choosing to evolve into a new state with RefractionDiffraction observes waves as they move around objects and multiply on the other side, becoming amplified interference between contemporary circus artists and musicians from the Upstream Music Association. We move around obstacles, recreating ourselves, which grow and collide with our own vibration.

When: November 25th-27th, 2022, 7:30 PM Friday and Saturday night and Sunday  at 2:30 PM

Where: 2164 Barrington St. Halifax. Doors open 15 minutes before the show starts. Limited parking available. The building is Wheelchair accessible, and masks are recommended. 

Tickets: https://www.tickethalifax.com/events/132348866/that-which-lights-your-way-diffraction

Please be aware of the following features of the show: 

  • Flashing Lights
  • Water-Based Fog (Propylene Glycol)

If you require special accommodation, do not hesitate to contact ryan@breakingcircus.ca.

posted 11/22/2022