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Vox Humana: A Song Cycle Suite

Joseph Strug Concert Hall, 1385 Seymour St., Halifax

Composition by Sandy Moore. Conducted by Denise Grant. Performed by Paula Rockwell (mezzo soprano), Michael Donovan (baritone), Jennifer King (piano), Sibylle Marquardt (flute), Susan Sayle (viola), and Norman Adams (cello).

Vox Humana: A new chamber work by Upstream co-founder Sandy Moore, based on the poems of E. Alex Pierce.

Poems of great passion and tenderness, as close to rapture as a writer can get and still hold on.

E. Alex Pierce’s voice can be heard echoing down the long corridors of memory and myth. It’s not that these poems live in the past; instead, they manage to bring it back to life with uncanny sensual details and an urgency that makes you realize some fires never really go out.

Vox Humana is all lilt and discipline in its courtliness, its surrender to the theatre of the moment at its most alive.

Joseph Strug Concert Hall, 1385 Seymour St., Halifax