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Upstream Birthday

The Dunn Theatre, 6101 University Ave, Halifax

Since 1990 Upstream has been a musical crucible for composers and improvisors, with an incredible legacy of large groups assembled to play powerful and playful pieces in the format of the Upstream Orchestra – a very unusual big band conducted by accomplished improvisor and composer – and one of Upstream’s co-founders - Jeff Reilly.

Celebrating 32 years of extraordinary music, this event will feature stories and short video excerpts from various periods of Upstream’s trajectory, with the main celebration being of 3 new pieces, a collaborative “Exquisite Corpse” composition featuring both original and contemporary Upstream composers, and pieces honouring the legacy of Paul Cram and Upstream's repertoire amassed over 32 years.

WHEN: June 25 at 7:30 pm

WHERE: Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre, 6101 University Ave., Halifax

TICKETS: Adults $25 / Seniors $20 / Students $15 available at TicketHalifax.com

Jeff Reilly - conductor
Geordie Haley – guitar
Sam Wilson – guitar
Holly Arsenault – piano
Steven Naylor - piano
Erin Donovan- percussion
Andrew Jackson - trombone
Doug Cameron - drums
Lucas Goudie - drums
James Shaw – saxophone
Chris Mitchell - saxophone
Dawn Hatfield – saxophone
Jackson Fairfax-Perry – saxophone
Rosanna Burrill – violin
Devin Wesley - bassoon
Lukas Pearse - bass
Tom Roach - drums

Sandy Moore
Bob Bauer
Ellen Gibling
India Gailey
Steven Naylor
Erin Donovan

Shauna DeGruchy

New Pieces:
Sam Wilson
Amy Brandon
Geordie Haley

The Dunn Theatre, 6101 University Ave, Halifax