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micro / MACRO

Joseph Strug Concert Hall, 1385 Seymour St., Halifax

Join the Upstream Orchestra Friday, May 10 at the Joseph Strug Concert Hall at the Fountain School of Performing Arts for an evening sure to inspire!

7:15pm-7:40pm: "Talkback" with composers, composer mentor Amy Brandon, and Upstream Artistic Director Lukas Pearse.

At micro/MACRO, audiences can expect to experience the unfolding of miniature musical models into multiplexities of sonic exploitation, as brave improvisers expand and extrapolate new compositions into unheard forms. The Upstream Orchestra will delve into the possibilities presented by single-page propositions crafted by emerging composers; each musician is literate in contemporary classical and jazz performance techniques, and all are confident extemporizing soloists. The intentionally open-ended arrangements will allow these small seeds of musical concepts to expand in performance to the demands of the moment – from microscopic ideas grow large sonic forms for this large and unconventional ensemble.

The Upstream Orchestra is comprised of many of the finest musicians in Halifax, conducted by the incomparable Jeff Reilly, and for this event, they will be exploring the possibilities of single-page propositions by emerging composers, dexterously guided by JUNO-nominated composer Amy Brandon.


PRESS RELEASE 05.01.2024 - Experience "micro/MACRO": An Evening of Musical Exploration with the Upstream Orchestra


Composers and Featured Compositions

Dylan Hay - Anti-Phoney

Nicola Miller - Bartalk

Lucas Goudie - Roche Limit

Jeremie Boudreau - Neurotic Silver Tongue

David Johnston five minutes in the next millennium.

Uandha Fernandes Barbosa - Thálassa

V.D. Caswell - Sketches of a Father

Maya Taraschi - The Time Being

Paul Cram - Into the Ice: Formings



Rosanna Burill - Violin

Donald MacLennan - Violin

Claire CS Hunter - Viola

India Gailey - Cello

Norman Adams - Cello

Lukas Pearse - Double Bass

David Owen - Oboe

Devin Wesley - Bassoon

Andrew MacKelvie - Soprano Saxophone

Nicola Miller - Alto Saxophone 

Jackson Fairfax-Perry - Tenor Saxophone

Dylan Hay - Trombone

Shauna DeGruchy - Bass Trombone

Geordie Haley - Guitar

Robin Servant - Button Accordion

Tim Crofts - Piano

Behrooz Mihankhah - Piano

Erin Donovan - Percussion

Lucas Goudie - Drums

Joseph Strug Concert Hall, 1385 Seymour St., Halifax