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Memories Beyond the Grave


St. Andrew's Church, 6036 Coburg Rd, Halifax

Upstream Music Association is pleased to co-present Memories Beyond the Grave (Friday, June 2nd and Saturday, June 3rd, at 8 pm at St. Andrew’s Church in Halifax), expanding our scope of presenting music exploring the dynamic between composition and improvisation to include contemporary chamber opera. Composed by Michael Donovan, this chamber ensemble features baritone Doug MacNaughton and soprano Maureen Batt, improviser Tim Crofts on synthesizer, along with Cindy Thong piano/harpsichord, Sibylle Marquardt flute, and Paul Pulford cello.

Memories Beyond The Grave follows the close sibling relationship between Francois René de Chateaubriand (1768-1848) and Lucile de Chateaubriand (1764-1804), a bond strengthened through their love of nature during childhood and adolescence. Numerous poems and letters by Lucile and René are woven into excerpts from François René’s world-famous autobiography Mémoires d’outre tombe. Sung and spoken in both French and English, Donovan’s fusion of contemporary and lush Romantic textures transports us into the magical and tumultuous world of these two siblings, masterfully staged and performed by a stellar ensemble of singers, instrumentalists and creative team.

Doug MacNaughton (Baritone) as François René de Chateaubriand
Maureen Batt (Soprano) as Lucile and The Moon

Chamber Ensemble:
Cindy Thong Piano/Harpsichord
Sibylle Marquardt Flute
Paul Pulford Cello
Tim Crofts Synthesizers, Electronic instruments
Chorus of Stars: Kyra Foulds, Amelia Wheeler, Sarah Walker, Kate Harbaruk, Mackenzie Brothers, Jane Bach.

Creative Team:
Stage director: David Overton
Movement director: Veronique MacKenzie
Projection and lighting design: Mackenzie Cornfield
Music director Michael Donovan
Stage Manager: Gina Woodward
Costume Designer: Diego Cavedon Dias

St. Andrew's Church, 6036 Coburg Rd, Halifax