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The Dome Project


The Discovery Centre , 1215 Lower Water Street, Halifax

Experience Upstream Music Association's "The Dome Project" for One Night Only!


To boldly listen to what no one has heard before...

With music provided by accomplished improvising musicians from varied traditions, this event will feature the interplay of interstellar imagery will both incorporate the Discovery Centre’s astronomy imagery as well as live experimental video provided by Upstream’s Artistic Director, Lukas Pearse.

Musicians will include:

Evan Syliboy, electric guitarist for Mi’kmaw band Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers

Sarah Frank, violinist for the contemporary bluegrass / Canadiana group The Bombadils

Taral Naik, classical tabla player

Sahara Jane, genre-fluid sarangi player

Tom Richards, jazz trombonist

Brian Borcherdt, indie electronics performer from bands including Dusted and HOLY F*CK

Audiences are encouraged to consider the parallels between scientific and artistic exploration, and to embrace the shared experience of the sky while honouring our own unique trajectories and orbits…

The Discovery Centre , 1215 Lower Water Street, Halifax