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Collection: Recollection


The Quad on Quinpool, 6067 Quinpool Rd, Halifax

Collection: Recollection

Visuals: Despo Sophocleous, Audio: Danielle Jakubiak, Programming: Amy Brandon

Collection : Recollection is an augmented reality sound installation which maps 3D objects and surround soundscapes to the Quinpool / Windsor Quad in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where St. Patrick's school used to stand. Built on GPS-based AR technology, users see and hear AR augmentations (both visual and sound) which are mapped to the field, and the soundscape they hear alters based on their positioning.

This piece is available as a self-guided experience throughout the festival, but there will be a guided tour at 4:30 on Monday January 10th.

      App is in the App Store and Google Play - links below.

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Promo Videos: https://youtu.be/0L-gjfhWv-o

2 minutes: https://youtu.be/MTI7PNWwFCs

1 minute: https://youtu.be/KiC58zykjNE

The Quad on Quinpool, 6067 Quinpool Rd, Halifax