Welcome to Upstream Music!

For over 30 years, the Upstream Music Association has been creating pan-genre orchestral nujazz, beyond classical, cyber world, experimental music improvisation, composition & conduction ensembles, concert series, festivals, recordings, workshops and symposia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Upstream at 30 - Sandy Moore's Time Capsule

"Upstream was a time of exploration, not only of finding new, exciting, and improvisational ways to compose for the group, but also of imagining and finding new ways to approach the instruments.

Upstream at 30 - Tom Roach's Time Capsule

I wasn’t involved in the formation of Upstream, but I came into the fold early to replace Jerry Granelli. Firstly, that’s not possible, and secondly imagine getting invited into a composer-performer collective with the likes of Bob Bauer, Paul Cram, Sandy Moore, Steven Naylor, Don Palmer, Jeff Reilly, and Steve Tittle. Awe inspiring, and somewhat intimidating at the same time. 

Upstream at 30 - Jeff Reilly's Time Capsule

"The beginning of Upstream for me was a phone call from Bob Bauer, who was a CBC music producer at the time. We had just met a few days earlier when I was in his boss’s office trying to get a job at the CBC, and he was calling me with the idea of starting a new ensemble to perform contemporary music.

Upstream at 30 - Steven Naylor's Time Capsule

"In December 1989, I hired Jeff Reilly to play on a media score I was recording at Solar Audio. We had never played together before, so we went into the studio to briefly ‘warm up’ first. We then spent about an hour completely lost in joyful improvisation—stopping only when I remembered that I was paying for the studio time!

Upstream at 30 - Bob Bauer's Time Capsule

Happy 30th Anniversary Upstream!!  

"I recall how it all began with a recording session in the legendary CBC Studio "H". I had recently arrived in the Maritimes and was looking to connect with the new music community.