The Paul Cram Creation Award

The Upstream Music Association is honoured to announce the Paul Cram Creation Award.

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Welcome to Upstream Music!

For over 30 years, the Upstream Music Association has been creating pan-genre orchestral nujazz, beyond classical, cyber world, experimental music improvisation, composition & conduction ensembles, concert series, festivals, recordings, workshops and symposia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Photo Album: Open Company 2019

Open Company is an homage to UK improvising guitarist Derek Baily’s long-running Company series, where the artistic and the social merged, with often unforeseeable results. Drawing upon the musicians present, Open Company is an opportunity to hear into the unknown and to test the waters yourself.


No Silenz

A bath of bass instruments with splashes of supple singing. Immersive improvisation. Halifax’s ever-evolving Upstream Quartet and Montreal / France Les Nautilus offer No Silenz, featuring Jason Sharp, bass saxophone, Chistophe Rocher, bass clarinet, Fredérich B. Biret double bass, and Susanna Hood, voice.  Rare and unusual music! 

Elevation: Sound of the Mountain

Elevation - rising to the occasion with improvised music, unusual instruments and instruments played unusually. 

Open Company

“I’m here to not to tell you what to do…”

Paul Cram Creation Award Donation Update

Thanks to all who made a donation - we've almost reached our goal!