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Upstream Membership

It's That time of year again!

upstream music Association's Annual Membership drive

for the 2023 - 2023 Season!

For just $10, you can enjoy the following exclusive benefits while supporting new music in Halifax:

Discounted Tickets: As a member, you will receive a $5.00 discount on all tickets you purchase throughout the season. 
Archival access: Take a journey through Upstream's extensive archive of audio, video, and images and gain a deeper appreciation for the 34-year evolution of this vibrant art form.

Here are some of the exciting highlights you can look forward to in the upcoming season:

The Carl Mayotte Trio: Experience the mesmerizing sounds of this talented trio as they showcase their exceptional musicality and creativity.

The Bozzini Quartet from Montreal: Immerse yourself in the beautiful harmonies and intricate compositions of this renowned quartet.

Open Waters Music Festival: Dive into a multi-day festival featuring a diverse lineup of cutting-edge musicians and boundary-pushing performances.

The Upstream Orchestra: Witness the power of collective improvisation as this exceptional ensemble takes the stage to create captivating and spontaneous musical moments.

As a member of Upstream Music Association, you are part of a community celebrating and showcasing pan-genre creative music. Simply click on the “CLICK HERE TO JOIN" button below and fill out the form. 

Thank you from everyone at Upstream Music Association!

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