Upstream presents The Sam Wilson Band

The Sam Wilson Band

Upstream Music Association is pleased to present Halifax’s composer-guitarist Samantha Wilson

With a lyrical sensitivity to her instrumental compositions, her music draws listeners in with subtlety and introspective levity. Bringing a distinctive angle to her jazz-informed arranging, she creates nuanced space for improvisation and discovery, all framed by her compelling melodicism. 

WHEN: Sunday, October 18 at 8 PM

WHERE: The Music Room, 6181 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax

TICKETS: For in-person attendance or live stream - available at

In these COVID times, Upstream hopes to celebrate and support especially the emerging improvising composers our Halifax scene has been fostering, looking forward to a time when many more opportunities for live music will flourish in our community. 

Lukas Pearse
Artistic Director, Upstream Music Association


Sam Wilson introduces her band:

Guitarist and bandleader Sam Wilson will be performing music from her 2019 release ‘Groundless Apprehensions’ as well as new repertoire she worked on during a residency at the

Banff Centre For Arts and Creativity last fall. Painting pictures with sound, her compositions reflect her love of jazz, improvised and instrumental music. Joining her as a quartet for the first time are well regarded musicians Andrew Jackson, Pat Reid and Andrew Miller.


Andrew Jackson is an acclaimed Juno-nominated, ECMA award winning, trombonist and composer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His versatility and unique sound have made him one of the Maritimes first-call players. He is an artist constantly exploring new sounds and not afraid to blend genres. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music from Humber College, where he had the opportunity to study with some of the finest musicians in the country.


Pat Reid originally from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is a double bassist and composer. He has been an active member of the Canadian and International creative music

community for the past two decades playing with a wide range of acclaimed musicians. After completing a degree in jazz performance at McGill University in 2005, Patrick was based in Montreal, Toronto, and finally Brooklyn, New York, he is presently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Andrew Miller originally from Calgary, Alberta, is an award winning drummer, composer and teacher based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Andrew graduated from The University of Toronto in 2016 and worked as one of the most in demand drummers in Toronto. He has performed and toured internationally with some of Canada’s most acclaimed musicians for the past 10 years.




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