Upstream at 30 - Jeff Reilly's Time Capsule

"The beginning of Upstream for me was a phone call from Bob Bauer, who was a CBC music producer at the time. We had just met a few days earlier when I was in his boss’s office trying to get a job at the CBC, and he was calling me with the idea of starting a new ensemble to perform contemporary music.

Even though he wasn’t offering me a CBC job (that came later) I loved his idea. Through Bob’s early support we were able to put together an ensemble of like-minded musicians and conduct a recording session at CBC’s studio H. We then pulled together a full concert of original music in May of 1990. Because of the visionary and consistent efforts of the early members of the ensemble, and the early support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Upstream was able to take root in Halifax and become a vital, progressive and truly creative organization that continues to thrive to this day."

Listen to Blue in Green by Jeff Reilly and Peter-Anthony Togni

Jeff Reilly