Upstream at 30 - Bob Bauer's Time Capsule

Happy 30th Anniversary Upstream!!  

"I recall how it all began with a recording session in the legendary CBC Studio "H". I had recently arrived in the Maritimes and was looking to connect with the new music community.

So we gathered together and made that first recording. Very quickly I realized that I wanted to do more than just produce the recording and before we knew it, Upstream was born. We owed a big debt to Saint Mary's University Art Gallery and Ken Aucoin for kick starting the business end of things. That first season was very intense, since we were creating new pieces for every single concert. This kind of collaboration was very new to me, but I was so inspired by the talent of my colleagues and by our diverse musical backgrounds. Obviously we had a good idea, since Upstream is alive and well today. May you have many successful years to come!"

Bob Bauer