Testimonial from Portugal

November 11th, 2011

Hi, Paul.
Hope you're fine.
I'm writing you because unfortunately I was forced to a sudden change of plans concerning my stay in Halifax. I thought I had another month left but I found out yesterday that I have to leave this next Saturday, 12th nov, for work reasons.  I'm really disappointed. I was enjoying Halifax very much and I was loving the workshops. Our last session at Hollis was really a surprise for me. It's always fun to play in a group and see what happens, but this last session was special. I felt for the first time that I really loved the music that we were making and felt so in it, even with two instruments that I usually don't play. I also realized that this kind of improv is ideal good for someone who has stage fright, like me. : ) I'm gonna look for these kind of activities in Lisbon too. Thank you so much for this discovery. I didn't stay long but these few workshops already had a big impact on me.

It was a pleasure to meet you.
Let me know if you ever come to Lisbon. Really.
Take care.
www.en.joaogodinho.com (english version)