Mother of Girl and Upstream in concert

The Bus Stop Theatre
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 8:00pm to 10:15pm
Adults $20, Students and Seniors $15

The Upstream Music Association is delighted to highlight the young Halifax musicians who make up Mother of Girl. Joined by Upstream veterans Paul Cram, Lukas Pearse, Damien Moynihan and Geordie Haley their impressive energy will provide an evening of engaging new sound.

Mother of Girl is a 'band that could only exist today'. Drawing on vast cultural landscapes, their captivating live show includes bel canto singing (think Kate Bush meets Bj√∂rk), urgent folk songs, subtle vocal harmonies, classical trombone duets, live improvisation, alternate tempos, throat singing, electro found instruments (wind-up radio, speaker feedback melodies, transformed objects). Lyrics criss-cross language boundaries and the music comes from a belief in undefinable universal understandings. With dramatic purpose, Mother of Girl musicians interweave as many styles as possible into a new soundscape of post-everything art pop.