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Lan Tung at Global TV

October 24th, 2013
Lan Tung performed on Global TV today. She is amazing!

Open Waters Festival 2014 Submissions

September 13th, 2013
Welcome to Upstream Music Association’s  annual Open Waters Festival of new and improvised music  running from Thursday January 16 - 19, 2014 at the Sir James Dunn Theatre. The now 4 day festival presents and showcases new original music groups from across Atlantic Canada who utilize free improvisation in contexts ranging from musique-actuelle, new chamber music, nu jazz and vocal ensembles. Our enthusiastic  Halifax audience and invited industry spokespersons who share our  enthusiasm make the creation of the festival an ever evolving artistic...

Upstream Orchestra at Victoriaville

June 6th, 2013
REVIEWS UPSTREAM ORCHESTRA @ VICTORIAVILLE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL  May 18th, 2013 "As a big fan of large ensembles & modern big bands, I was glad to hear the next set from the Upstream Orchestra. This 18-piece ensemble is from the Maritime provinces in Canada and led by saxist Paul Cram, who had a previous large ensemble at Victo several years back. The orchestra was conducted by Jeff Reilly who also once played in a duo with Jerry Granelli at Victo previously. They played three pieces, one by Barry Guy and two by Mr. Cram. You could tell that a good deal of time and...


October 6th, 2012
  Upstream Music Association presents its 2012/2013  SEASON   UPSTREAM  ENSEMBLE performing in A world premiere by Toronto’s Kyle Brenders Saturday, October 6th 8 pm @ St Mary’s University Art Gallery in Halifax  Mr. Brenders will  conduct his new work and perform Upstream repertoire on soprano saxophone The Upstream Ensemble features Jeff Reilly- bass clarinet, Lukas Pearse - contrabass, David Burton-drums, Paul Cram-tenor sax/clarinet, Jeff Torbert-guitar, Tim Crofts-keyboards, Dawn Hatfield-baritone sax/flute, Rick Waychesko-trumpet...

Open Waters Review - January 13th/2012

January 16th, 2012
Opens Waters concert ranges from self-conducting to extended vocalsEver since American composer John Cage performed in the middle of the last century, we have had to rethink noise.         As Canadian contemporary composer R. Murray Schafer put it, noise is any sound we don’t want to hear.Cage went all the way down that road until he reinvented silence in a piece call 4’ 33." The performer took up an instrument but only pretended to play or sat perfectly still.Far from destroying sound, Cage broke silence wide open. The concert hall was filled with...

ArtsEast Review of Open Waters Festival January 13th, 2012

January 15th, 2012
Reactions:     Saturday, January 14, 2012Breathtaking...Open Water Festival 2012January 12-14, HalifaxInnovations in music happen in attics and basements, garages and private studios, even cabins in the remote wilderness. Those creations are later unveiled at festivals like Open Waters.This strange and beautiful multi-night festival is the musical equivalent of ArtBasel, a cultural highlight for modernworks. For twenty bucks, audiences get two hours of rogue music. Andrew Reed Miller began last night’s set by doing things to his solo double bass thatseemed, well, unnatural....

Testimonial from Portugal

November 11th, 2011
Hi, Paul. Hope you're fine. I'm writing you because unfortunately I was forced to a sudden change of plans concerning my stay in Halifax. I thought I had another month left but I found out yesterday that I have to leave this next Saturday, 12th nov, for work reasons.  I'm really disappointed. I was enjoying Halifax very much and I was loving the workshops. Our last session at Hollis was really a surprise for me. It's always fun to play in a group and see what happens, but this last session was special. I felt for the first time that I really loved the music that we were making and felt...


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