Graham Collier in Memorium

November 8th, 2011

On Febrary 27th, 2011 Upstrean produced and hosted a concert featuring the Music of UK jazz composer Graham Collier played by the 14-piece  Upstream Jazz Orchestra*, a group formed especially
for the event for what was to be a landmark performance.  Video coming soon.

It was to be Graham's last concert on earth. He passed away in September 2011.
He is remembered with great affection and respect by the members of the ensemble.
His approach to the orchestration of the group was ground-breaking in it's openness:
Rather than a standard big band format. He put the reeds and brasss together and grouped them in two sections high and low.

*The band was Chris Mitchell - alto sax/alto flute, Rick Waychesko - trumpet, Paul Cram - sax/clarinet
Tim Elson (high  winds) and Low winds: Danny Martin trombone, Jeff Reilly - bass clarinet, Dawn Hatfield/baritone sax, Tim keels tuba/bass trombone
The rhtythm section was doubled with piano/synthesizer guitar and bass drums and guitar and bass.
It was a simple and yet profound  grouping that created a diffent and effective jazz orchestra sound... a mid-Atlantic sound....