Galvanized with NAIL and the Upstream Quartet

NAIL is the coming together of two acclaimed duos, Duo Baars Henneman and Duo Mercury.

WHEN: Sunday, September 22nd at 8 pm.

WHERE: 1313 Hollis Street, Halifax

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Representing the height of Dutch improvised music Duo Baars Henneman is a musical collaboration which is immediate and honest yet full of contradiction. Omitting displays of technique and instrumental virtuosity the Duo Mercury (Québec) instead focuses on making music with an unmistakable virtuosity of listening, curiosity and playfulness. NAIL is Nicolas Caloia (double bass), Ab Baars (shakuhachi, clarinet), Ig Henneman (viola) and Lori Freedman (clarinet, bass clarinet), a quartet combining two solid duos, each with a distinct and identifiable sound of its own. The textures created by four wooden instruments, two reeds and two strings are as alluring as they are abundant. This group provides a remarkable vehicle for the creation of new music, adventuring on the divides between exciting and disastrous constructions, creating baffling harmonies between the four singular voices. NAIL’s music is a result of investigating form and inventing possible ways of shaping the perception of time in sound.


This project is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.