The Frost Byte Winter-music Mini-fest

The Frost Byte

Winter-music Mini-fest

Fri/Sat, January 19th & 20th, 2007

@ The Dalhousie Arts Centre, 6101 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia
featuring internationally renowned American improvising violinist:

Malcolm Goldstein

with visiting artists Montreal guitarist Rainer Weins and Toronto's Ken Aldcroft Convergence and core members of Halifax's Upstream Orchestra.

The Frost Byte WInter-music Mini-fest is presented by Upstream Music Association in association with the Dalhousie Music Department. Positioned during the academic year, its mandate is to treat music students, musicians and the listening public to a shot of white-hot musicality within the warmth of the Dalhousie Arts Centre in January.

Friday, January 19th, 8 pm $20/$15

Sir James Dunn Theatre

Ken Aldcroft Convergence (T.O.) & Wiens/Goldstein Duo (Montreal)


Saturday, January 2Oth, 3 pm $15/$12

MacAloney Room/Rm 406

Sounding the Full Circle with speaker Malcolm Goldstein

Saturday, January 20th, 8 pm $20/$15

Sir James Dunn Theatre

Music of Malcolm Goldstein directed by violinist/Malcolm Goldstein

with Rainer Wiens/guitar, Ken Aldcroft/guitar, Evan Shaw/alto sax, Scott Thomson/trombone, Wes Neal/contrabass.Joe Sorbara/drums, Paul Cram /tenor sax/clarinet, Daniel Oore/ sopanino/soprano sax, Lukas Pearse/contrabass

Sounding The Full Circle
- Concerning music improvisation and other related matters

Collecting the thoughts and perceptions that have evolved from his past twenty-five years of music making and observation of the natural world, Malcolm Goldstein offers a very particular view of improvisation: "the musician as one centered in the process of discovery, unfolding moment to moment, that is realized in the gesture of enactment/sounding." Through articles, previously published in various periodicals, interspersed and embellished with excerpts from journals, interviews, letters, and music scores, the author touches on social, political, educational, aesthetic and economic considerations as he explores the "expression of the wholeness of our humanity."