Upstream 6.0

Upstream 6.O is the latest ensemble in the Upstream Music Collective's 20 year history.  The group was formed in fall 2009 in response to new talent  moving into  the  Halifax/Atlantic zone and mingling  with  local forces already in motion.

Guitarist Geordie Haley (New Brunswick/Toronto) and Percussionist D'Arcy Grey (Montreal/Merce Cunningham) have teamed up with older immigrants, tenor saxist/clarinetist Paul Cram (Vancouver/Toronto), trumpeter Rick Waychesko (Tower of Power/Toronto) and Nova Scotians  Tim Crofts, piano/electronics (Yarmouth/New England Conservatory) and Lukas Pearse, bass/electronics (Halifax/Goldsmith College UK) .  

Together they command   well-crafted long-form compositions and  muscular  improvisations  of the  utmost intensity while   navigating a thrilling maze  of abstract, concrete and fluid forms  that combine to shrink time.  As Upstream 6.0  they are  a pan-genre juggernaut  riding  a raging  sea of change. Surf don't swim to their next concert!