Sunrise Orchestra



1928 classic silent film
Original Music by Paul Cram
performed by
The Sunrise Orchestra,  Atlantic Canada’s post-modern silent film orchestra.

Steamboat Bill Jr Music #1

Steamboat Bill Jr Music #2

Sunrise is planning to  tour with the movie throughout  the Maritime provinces during the months of March/April 2009. If you are interested in booking this historic event or wish to receive hard copy promotional materials please contact:

Paul Cram (902) 461-1232
Kasia Morrison (902) 412-1611
Upstream Music Association
P.O. Box 36040 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2S9

The Sunrise Orchestra

The Sunrise Orchestra was formed in 2004 to accompany silent films.
So far the orchestra  has performed original scores by Paul Cram for:

SUNRISE - 1928 academy award winning drama

STEAMBOAT BILL JR, - Buster Keaton

THE NAVIGATOR - Buster Keaton

ALONZO THE ARMLESS - Lon Chaney (about an armless knife thrower)

THE BLACK PIRATE - Douglas Fairbanks (colour 1926)

Currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the group is: Lee Park: violin, Paul Cram: sax/clarinet/electronics, Paul Simons: piano, Lukas Pearse: bass/electronics and David Burton: Drums