Celebrating Upstream at 30

Tonight we would have been gathering to commemorate and continue the amazing musical and cultural experiment begun at the St. Mary's Art Gallery and in CBC's studio H 30 years ago. With that being impossible in our current COVID-19 circumstances, let's just take a moment to recall the importance of that historical moment and to celebrate the longevity and the ever-renewable promise of Upstream! 

On behalf of the association, its Board, Members, Staff, Friends, Audience members, and the Community of creative musicians which we exist to support and encourage, I wish long and continued life to the organization. I would also like to express my real enthusiasm for what I know will be many exciting projects to come!  

As always, please consider joining if you are not a member, and donating to support the unique and amazing Paul Cram Creation Award.

Bob Bauer (shown in the picture above also with early studio photo of the ensemble) guitarist, composer and radio producer, was instrumental in establishing the ensemble and helped give it a double focus of recording and performance. He offers his memories of the founding moments of Upstream below. With each of our coming newsletters, we will include a capsule of stories from one of the founding or early members of the ensemble. 

Chris Elson
Upstream Music Association