Saturday, January 14th, 2012 -  1 pm to 4 pm
MacAloney Room 404 - 2nd floor Dalhousie Arts Centre

An open  discussion  towards building an organization and a  touring  circuit for Art Music in Atlantic Canada
January 14th in the MacAloney Room 406 at the Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax From 12 pm to 4 pm. Further details TBA
Composers, performers , improvisers, educators, listeners are all welcome to come and  celebrate the healthy state of the new music art-form in Atlantic Canada and discuss how we can make engaging   pan-genre art  music workshops  and performances more available to music students, educators and the public across the  region.  The meeting is  an opportunity to clarify the structure of the Atlantic Canada Artmusic Network and establish priorities.  Those  who are interested in building an effective  regional artmusic organization in Atlantic Canada parallel to the national Canadian New Music Network are invited to  bring their energy and ideas to the meeting.  A possible    project  could be  the  building a new music education  and concert circuit   through forming alliances and evolving strategies   that motivate and inspire  audiences to show up and participate in active listening.